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iOS certificates

Tutorial for creating iOS credentials

Google Certificates

Tutorial for creating Google Credentials


Creation of Apple Push Notification Service Credentials


Documentation for developer

What is a UUID?

A UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) is a 128-bit number used to identify information in computer systems. A synonym for this is also the term GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).

Do I need to be a member of the Apple Developer Program?

To create and sign passes, you need to be a member of the Apple Developer Program. There a certificate will be created for you, which will be stored in your account with Kortpress and with which you can sign the pass.

How can a pass be loaded onto a smartphone?

Kortpress offers a landing page with the download links and a QR code at the same time. This means that a pass can be conveniently installed on the smartphone. Furthermore, the individual URLs can also be supplied, via which the pass can be loaded onto the device. These URLs can be delivered to your target groups via e-mail, SMS, iMessage or other services.

When is a pass active?

A pass and all its individual installations are active and therefore billable as long as they are assigned to your account. After a pass has been deleted, it is no longer active and is therefore no longer considered for billing.

What is a transaction?

Kortpress records all transactions related to a pass. This includes pass creation, pass updates, pass installations, push notifications and much more.

What is a pass update?

A pass update is a change to an existing pass or template that affects passes. Due to technical restrictions, a pass update is also necessary for sending push notifications.

How is the total number of passes calculated?

The total number of passes is the sum of the created passes and the passes that have been installed multiple times.

Step 1

You need an Apple Developer Account to create Apple Pass Type Certificates. Additionally you need the following information to create an Apple Pass in Kortpress:

Log in to your Apple Developer Console as an administrator and select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

Apple Developer Console

Step 2

Select Identifiers from the left menu and click the + button to add a new Identifier. Select Pass Type IDs from the list of Identifier and click next. Fill in the Pass Type ID Description field and assign a new unique Indentifier. Confirm your entries and click Continue. Verify your name and Identifier and then register your Pass Type ID.

Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

Step 3

Select your created Pass Type ID from the list. Create a Certificate Signing Request: (CSR, and upload it by selecting Choose File.

Create a new Certificate

Step 4

Download your new certificate. Double-click the certificate to add it to your keychain. Right-click on your certificate in Keychain Access App and export it as a .p12 file. Add a password to your certificate. You will need to remember this password to upload it to Kortpress later.

Add certificate in Kortpress

Step 1

Create a Google Account for your business or use an existing account. You need the following information to create a Google Pass in Kortpress:

Step 3

If the login process was successful, proceed as described in the following instructions: Step 3 3.Use OAuth 2.0 for your Server to Server application can be ignored.

Step 4

Remember the Issuer-ID of your account, the service account email address (ends with @<your_domain> and the JSON file with private key. You will receive all of the above information from step 3.

Step 5

Enter your service account email address and IssuerId in the fields. Upload the .json file into Kortpress.

Add Google Certificate in Kortpress

Step 1

You will need an Apple Developer Account and the following information to send push notifications in Kortpress:

Log in to your Apple Developer Console as a administrator and select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Apple Pass Certificates

Step 2

Select Keys and add a new key of type Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). After creating a key name, click Register to create the APNs certificates.

Register a new key

Step 3

Download the APNs file and remember the Key-ID. NOTE: The key can only be downloaded once because the server copy is removed. Keep a backup copy of your key in a safe place. Upload the .p8 file with the appropriate key ID to Kortpress.

Create new APNs Credentials

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