Die stamp card from Kortpress Digital and ingenious!

Bye-bye paper, ink and stamps

With Kortpress, you can lift your printed paper cards for loyalty stamps or even tickets of ten into the digital age. At the same time, the new stamp cards can do so much more: keep your visitors and customers up to date with discounts, more customized coupons and push notifications. Build a direct line and use targeted notifications to highlight your in-store promotions and reach out to potential buyers.

Returning customers thanks to bonus system

Whether it's a department store, a fashion store, or a small snack bar next door, a stamp card will ensure you have a regular clientele who will want to shop or eat at your store again and again. At the same time, your visitors and customers will have a positive impression when, for example, the 10th digital stamp is collected and a discount or perhaps a free hot drink from your store is given out as a goodie.

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May we introduce …

Kortpress helps you build a digital loyalty program that is perfectly tailored to your business. Different pass types, for very different marketing actions. The stamp card: award stamps for purchases and offer rewards.

Test? Use the Demo!

Try out our demo and create your own stamp card in quick time. Pleae note, that the created card is a fictitious example and not a real stamp card.

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Individual design thanks to Kortpress

With Kortpress you can individualize the appearance of your cards. Logos, background and text colors or the content of your cards can be customized at any time and changes can be played out in real time - even if the cards have already been installed and are in your customers' wallet.

With our easy to use API, we offer you an easy integration into your existing IT structure, because Kortpress speaks the language of the developers.

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Benefits at a glance

Positive effects for your company

Positive effects for your company

  • Returning customers and visitors
  • Direct and targeted communication
  • Cost-effective and an environmentally friendly alternative
  • The trading card can not be forged
Positive effects for your customers

Positive effects for your customers

  • Link your brand or store with great promotions
  • Die Stempelkarte ist dank Smartphone immer mit dabei
  • The time card is always with you thanks to your smartphone
  • Fewer paper and plastic cards in the wallet

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