Strengthen the club experience with digital membership cards

Information about upcoming events

As a rule, clubs use cumbersome channels to inform their members about upcoming events, information or news. How can it be ensured that the information, for example via social media platforms, really reaches the members? With a digital membership card as a wallet pass in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, you as a club can always use push notification to inform your members about current information and upcoming events.

Thanks the transparent view in our Kortpress application you can see how many of your distributed membership cards are really actively used and can thus guarantee that the information is available to your members on their mobile devices.

Quick update of the membership card

With digital membership cards, it is possible to ensure fast, simple and secure transmission of the current membership card. Instead of sending new printed membership cards to your members every year, you can update the membership card already installed with your members in a few seconds. This saves the environment as well as your costs for printing and shipping!

We support club life!

For non-commercial associations, Kortpress offers free access to the Kortpress Cloud. Learn more about it:

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Possible uses not only for clubs

Enrich member loyalty by taking advantage of all the benefits of Apple Wallet and Google Wallet Passes. With push notifications, geo-based notifications or by simply updating an already installed pass, you can reach your customers and stay in touch. Stop sitting on boring newsletters and use the versatile options of a dynamic Apple Wallet or Google Wallet Pass.

The possible uses are as versatile as their customers themselves. Whether insurance firms, clubs, members in car clubs... They all can benefit from the positive effects of dynamic passes.

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Individual design thanks to Kortpress

With Kortpress you can individualize the appearance of your passes. Logos, background and text colors or the content of your cards can be customized at any time and changes can be played out in real time - even if the cards have already been installed and are in your customers' wallet.

With our easy to use API, we offer you an easy integration into your existing IT structure, because Kortpress speaks the language of the developers.

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Benefits at a glance

Membership card advantages for clubs

Positive effects for your club

  • Easy transmission of information
  • Direct distribution
  • Quick update of the membership card
Membership card advantages for member

Positive effects for your members

  • Strengths of the club experience
  • Have the latest information at all times

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