The Digital Vaccination Card - How mobile wallets could help launch the biggest immunization campaign ever?

Organize Vaccinations

The current Corona pandemic continues to restrict people's lives. New regulations, restrictions and high infection numbers have been dominating people's daily lives for months. One thing is clear, a step back to normalcy back will come with the Corona vaccinations. But how can the whole thing work, how can the Vaccination centers organize and much more importantly, how can the vaccination on site as contactless as possible take place?

Outreach opportunities

We can follow citizens and residents from the time they receive their vaccination appointment to the time they receive their last vaccination. How. Our system can be connected to already existing systems, so currently deployed appointment solutions can continue to exist. What we can offer is a digital vaccination passport for the citizens. citizens. For example, after making an appointment, they can use a URL link, QR code or personalized email on their mobile smartphone and receive up-to-date information before, during and after each vaccination. information before, during and after each vaccination. After the last vaccination, their deposited passport can serve as proof of vaccination and be continue to be used.

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Up-to-date information and notification of upcoming vaccination

Citizens always have their information about the upcoming vaccination at hand. Stored in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, they can access it at any time and receive customized information about their vaccination or current information such as changes to the vaccination date, protective measures in the vaccination center on-site and much more.

What could a solution look like?

To demonstrate how such a solution could work, we have prepared a small demo for you. Please note that this is not a real appointment and your data will also not be be passed on.

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Make an appointment

The first step is to make an appointment. In doing so, citizens provide their master data and select a desired appointment date.

Notify citizens and citizens

The number of vaccinations is set to 0. On the back of the passport you can see the master data deposited And the scheduled dates of vaccinations. Using push notification, citizens can receive information about their vaccination.

Keep vaccination appointment

Citizens with a digital passport can completely contactless present their vaccination card at their selected vaccination center. Thanks to the easy connectivity of the Kortpress SDK and API interface, it is it is possible to connect the functions to existing scanning systems or by means of the app to scan the vaccination passport and ensure that the first vaccination has taken place smoothly. The passport on file is automatically updated, the number of vaccinations is increased by one, and the first Vaccination date is considered to have been taken.

Inform about news and remind about appointments

No later than 21-28 days after the first vaccination, it is time to administer the second vaccine dose. Here passport also offers the advantage of automated messages about the upcoming second vaccination date to be sent. Citizens with a vaccination passport on file will receive a notification directly on their Smartphone a notification.

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Technology of the demo

Our demonstration is based on state-of-the-art technologies. The technology used is a cloud solution launched a few years ago. Cloud solution with a technology stack consisting of Spring Boot, a relational database - based on the programming language Kotlin (Java). The security stack is a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, implemented with JSON Web Token (JWT) and OAuth 2.0 is used. The REST API provided for creating the vaccination certificates is thus protected by an OAuth 2.0 bearer token. and generates the certificates immediately after registration. The parallel necessary back channel to the REST API, which is necessary for the client, for example, to be notified about scan processes by the Kortpress Scan App. was mapped with webhooks.

By submitting the registration form, using a Kortpress add-on which was implemented in PHP, a web service request is sent to the Kortpress API. This creates based on a template a new Vaccination card with the transferred data from the previously filled form.


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