Kortpress API

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Kortpress uses a REST API that makes it easy to connect your systems. This allows you to easily automate processes and marketing campaigns.

Kortpress API

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Latest technologies and complete documentation

Based on REST principles, the Kortpress Web API endpoints return JSON metadata about passes, templates, resources, and events directly from the account-specific Kortpress database, enabling automated access and management via existing third-party systems.

By developers for developers: The specification and documentation of the Kortpress REST API is written in Swagger and has already been used by a large number of developers to get a detailed overview of the API's capabilities. The defined endpoints provide everything you need to connect Kortpress to existing systems, map digital business processes and create Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet in an automated workflow.


Creation of passes based on predefined templates - Sending push messages or updates - Management and maintenance of the locations, beacons or resources - query an explicit pass using an identifier or lists of passes - and much more.