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With the help of the Kortpress.io app, you can easily and quickly scan the cards you have previously created with our Kortpress software solution. No annoying hardware - a smartphone and the app are all you need.

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Scanning without obstacles

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Do you want to quickly and easily grant admission to all visitors at a concert or event who have previously downloaded their individual digital cards? Or scan your customers' digital coupon cards? With Kortpress.io, scanning your card is child's play!

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Kortpress works on any smartphone and supports the common card types from Apple and Google: Boarding Cards, Coupons, Offers, Tickets, Customer Cards, Gift Cards and Generic Cards.

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Kortpress.io detects the card on a digital device in just a few seconds and tells you if it is valid. So you can save time and money!



So you have everything at a glance: In Kortpress.io you can see all details of the scanned cards. A history helps you to uncover cases of fraud.

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As soon as you have scanned the card with Kortpress.io, you will receive direct feedback: successfully scanned, already scanned or scan failed.



With Kortpress.io you can scan other common barcode types besides QR Code: Code 128, PDF 417 and Aztec code.

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Beacon technology

Address your customers directly!

Beacon technology allows you to address your customers directly via lock screen messages. With one click, the customer finds themselves on their card, like the customer card - Everything at the right time and in the right place.

Our Beacon feature offers you two options: For example, you can use an integrated beacon in the checkout system to impress your customer with an individual coupon directly at the cash register, or your smartphone itself acts as a beacon via the Kortpress.io app. For example, you can keep your visitors informed about live concert updates - simply via lock screen messages using beacon technology and an Apple smartphone!

The Kortpress Scan SDK

Integrate SDK and get started!

Our features can also be integrated into existing system landscapes. You can easily integrate our Kortpress Scan SDK into your scanning systems - whether barcode scanners on existing hardware, e.g. cash register systems, admission controls or already existing applications. With the Kortpress SDK and the Kortpress API, we offer you - with minimal implementation - an interface for systems based on C++, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS), Kotlin or mobile on iOS and Android.

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Uniform corporate identity

Personalized look and feel

Kortpress.io is easy to customize to your look and feel - logo, colors or fonts can be exchanged and appear in your personalized shine. Corporate design made easy!

Suitable Features

You find the idea great, but you are missing features? Just get in touch with us and we'll take care of the rest.

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To use the Kortpress.io app and scan cards quickly and easily, you need an account for our associated Kortpress software solution. Try Kortpress directly and see for yourself.

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