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Wallet Loyalty Cards of Seidensticker

Quality, consistency, reliability, innovation & tradition.

Seidensticker is a globally active and future-oriented textile manufacturer with a clear vision. The Seidensticker Group implements both its corporate goals and its high standards worldwide and continuously optimizes them. Today, Seidensticker is the shirt brand with the highest brand awareness in Germany with headquarters in Bielefeld.

Discounting for premium customers

Premium customers should be able to access special discounts.

To make this possible, Seidensticker developed the concept of three levels of a digital customer card. These three statuses entailed different discounts.

Digital Customer Card Seidensticker
Textile manufacturer Seidensticker

Textile manufacturer

Globally active and future-oriented

Discount Seidensticker


Premium customers should receive a discount

Levels Seidensticker

Three levels

The customer card is available in silver, gold & platinum.

Templates Seidensticker


A template was created for each of the three levels.

CRM connection

Kortpress was connected to Seidensticker's existing CRM system via standardized web service interfaces.

Kortpress creates and manages the digital loyalty cards. Points and reward levels of the customers are managed in the CRM system and updates to the customer card are played out via Kortpress.


A separate template was stored for each reward level, which Seidensticker could easily revise as needed. Kortpress automatically updates existing loyalty cards based on the changes in the template on all cardholders' devices.


The distribution of the customer cards to the end customers was done via e-mail. Via download links provided by Kortpress end users can simply install them on their respective devices from an e-mail. install.


As a member of The Shirt Club, end customers benefit from numerous tailored advantages, services and offers.

Depending on their annual sales, loyalty card holders receive benefits in the form of discounts and rewards.

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