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Lime Golf offers its members the right to play on over 60 golf courses in Germany and Austria. Other benefits of membership include a free trial course, free rental clubs and the opportunity to participate in special events.

Lime Golf Card

For easy management of their loyalty cards, Lime Golf uses Kortpress. The digital membership cards are available for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Limegolf Card Example
Golf courses Limegolf Icon

60 Golf courses

Can be used with the Lime Golf Card

Rental rackets Limegolf Icon

Rental rackets

Available free of charge on the square with the customer card

Update Limegolf Icon

Always up to date

Automatic updates of the digital loyalty card

Events Limegolf Icon


Invitations to special events via customer cards


With the Lime Golf membership card, members have access to over 50 partner courses throughout Germany. They also enjoy great benefits such as green fee discounts, free drinks and much more.

3rd-party connection

With a 3rd party plugin, managing member data becomes child's play. Members can enter their data simply and securely in a form. Thanks to the seamless integration with Kortpress, personalized membership cards are created directly.

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