Breuningerland Sindelfingen and Ludwigsburg


The Breuningerländer in Sindelfingen and Ludwigsburg are modern shopping centers with well-known brand stores, restaurant chains, food markets and service providers.

In a spacious ambience, more than 120 individual specialty stores await visitors here in each case. The two shopping centers are located close to the center of Stuttgart and attract a large number of visitors year after year with attractive offers.

Digitalization of coupons

Breuningerland was looking for a digital alternative to the previous anlaogenic couponing, which would offer a new user experience and other benefits.

Individual for each specialty store, as well as always up-to-date on the customer's smartphone. Easy transfer of Passport updates via the web application.

Coupons Breuningerland
Kortpress Landingpage
Einkaufszentrum Breuningerland

Two shopping centers

With individual specialty stores


Coupon booklet

Published semi-annually

Breuningerland Coupon Brochure

Holders only analog

Multichannel excluded


No later update possible

Static content

Initial situation

Visitors to the Breuningerländer enjoy a coupon booklet promotion every six months in order to benefit from attractive offers in the respective stores.

The coupon booklets are distributed to customers at the PoS, among other places, and contain the individual coupons of the participating specialty stores with the corresponding discount.

Individualized download page

The Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet were made available to users via an individualized download page. This page was designed and created using the Kortpress platform. By depositing logos, colors and font resulted in a seamless user journey for visitors to the Breuningerländer.

Push on in-store visit

By storing mall locations, visitors were notified on their in-store visit on their lock screen and was given the opportunity to quickly access Mobile Passes.


Through the platform, Breuningerland got a detailed overview of the usage and conversion of the Passes. The figures and data on the general number of Passes installed and the distribution across the respective platforms are helpful insights that are difficult or impossible to collect from the analog counterpart.

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