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Digital cards and passes bring you closer to your customers than ever before: with targeted loyalty and marketing measures. This works for companies of all sizes, from stores to bars, from event organizers to chain stores. Now you can easily implement your own customer cards, tickets or coupons - with Kortpress!

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All functions at a glance

Apple &


Kortpress works on any smartphone and supports the common card types from Apple and Google: Boarding Passes, Coupons, Offers, Tickets, Customer Cards, Gift Cards and Generic Passes.

Apple and Android
Analysis and evaluation

Analysis &


So you have everything at a glance: Clearly designed displays provide meaningful statistics on the use of your cards and the success of your campaigns.



This feature offers completely new ways of addressing the user. If your customers enter a certain area or come close to your store, you can tease direct on-site actions and attract your target group even more effectively and spontaneously. These location-based added values are a unique advantage of digital cards and passes.

Location Based
Intuitive web interface



Kortpress also makes everything as easy as possible when creating cards: The clearly structured and self-explanatory web interface allows you to easily design different cards and passes yourself.



Push notifications are the direct line to your customers. In today's user behavior, the short, desired notifications are positively evaluated, since they create added value. The ideal channel to address your target groups in a segmented and targeted manner.

Push Notifications
3rd Party interface

3rd Party


Kortpress uses REST web services with which you can easily connect your leading applications and CRM systems. As a result, Kortpress is open to marketing automation and can be integrated into fully digital business processes.



Let your ideas run: When creating individual passes and cards, you are completely free in the design. Templates allow reuse and replication to multiple customers. Create once, use multiple times!

Versioned Templates
Always up-to-date with bonus programs



Bonus points in the customer account - your currency that brings your customers back to you again and again. With Kortpress you can update or upgrade your account status in real time - always instantly visible to cardholders. Take advantage of this service now!



When used in-house, Kortpress can be installed on Windows servers as well as on Linux servers. The use of docker containers allows a trouble-free deployment.

Platform independent

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