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Increase purchase incentive

Discover new possibilities for interaction between you and your customers. Exclusive discounts and Promo campaigns are nothing new for retailers - but with digital coupons you can be sure that they will not be forgotten. New opportunities arise for your customers directly via push notifications and with individually designed coupons to generate long-term customer relationships.

Offer your customers unlimited upgradeable and personalized coupons for their mobile wallet. Targeted offers based on customers unique profiles and purchase histories enable a higher rate of coupon redemption.

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Reach customers with push notifications

Compared to their analog counterparts, digital wallet coupons offer customers the possibility to track their behavior or use push notification to inform them about exclusive offers directly on their mobile device. Changes, discount campaigns or general information can be transmitted immediately in real time.

Recurring discounts by updating an existing coupon

Don't lose sight of your customers! If your customers have already redeemed a coupon from you, for example with code-based scanning options, you can take advantage of this benefit. Update the already installed coupons and inform your customers about new discount campaigns. In this way, customer relationships can be improved in the long term and sustainably. Take advantage of the fact that your customers only need to install the coupons once. Campaigns and other actions can be planned and executed over any period of time.

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Individual design thanks to Kortpress

With Kortpress you can individualize the appearance of your cards. Logos, background and text colors or the content of your cards can be customized at any time and changes can be played out in real time - even if the cards have already been installed and are in your customers' wallet.

With our easy to use API, we offer you an easy integration into your existing IT structure, because Kortpress speaks the language of the developers.

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Benefits at a glance

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Positive effects for your company

  • Plan campaigns of any length
  • Positive environmental aspect thanks to digital distribution of coupons
  • Long-term improvement of customer loyalty
Benefits of coupons for customers Icon

Positive effects for your customers

  • Recurring discount campaigns with a single coupon
  • Exclusively tailored information
  • Real-time and geo-based information

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