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Kortpress supports the common card types from Apple and Google: Boarding Cards, Coupons, Offers, Tickets, Customer Cards, Gift Cards and Generic Cards.



The digital version of the Boarding Card. Stay in touch with your passengers in real time for up-to-date information on flight and gate status, as well as customer loyalty information on in-flight service, offers, air miles or the destination. In this way the flight becomes a service experience in advance!

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Tickets were yesterday, in the future guests will come to your events and meetings with individualized tickets. Dynamic real-time updates remind you of the event time, increase the anticipation with relevant advance information or help with short-term appointment changes.



Reward your target groups with intelligent coupons, target group-specific messages and dynamic offers - all at the right time and, if you also integrate location-based services, in the right place. So it is only a stone's throw to your offer!

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One for all cases: This generic card serves as a basic framework for versatile applications such as service and membership cards or access cards. You can create them easily and quickly and also use them as a communication channel for relevant messages. Because that's what will help you with your target loyalty group!



Customer cards are now dynamic. And customer relationships are becoming increasingly solid as a result. Strengthen your customer loyalty through digital and offline store cards. Real-time updates respond to individual customer behavior, with the effect that the whole thing feels new and interesting. In this way you deliver a welcome service with additional benefits that are perceived as positive.

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