Digital event tickets, more than just admission controls

Pre-Event-Experience / After-Event-Experience

Digital event tickets can be used to create individual and unique pre-event and after-event experiences. This begins with the purchase of a ticket up to a certain time after the event. Address your target group by transmitting customized information before an event via push notifications or live updates. Dynamic real-time updates remind you of the date, increase the anticipation with relevant advance information or help you to change the date at short notice. Create contact points with your visitors before and after the event.

Provide your visitors with valuable information even after the event is over, e.g. further events. Interact with your visitors and get valuable feedback after the event, which you can consider for future events. Benefit from the advantages of the After-Event-Experience.

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On-site interaction

Take care of your guests upon arrival and guide them through the event with essential information. Geofencing offers you completely new interaction possibilities with your visitors. Inform your visitors about the program, lectures, information about workshops or get feedback - directly on site.

More possible uses

The possible uses of event tickets are as varied as their visitors themselves - not only for concerts or events, but also for trade fairs or visits to the cinema as well as visits to the zoo with the family and much more. Access the guest list on site in real time with Wallet Event Ticket and react to changes.

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Individual design thanks to Kortpress

With Kortpress you can individualize the appearance of your cards. Logos, background and text colors or the content of your cards can be customized at any time and changes can be played out in real time - even if the cards have already been installed and are in your customers' wallet.

With our easy to use API, we offer you an easy integration into your existing IT structure, because Kortpress speaks the language of the developers.

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Benefits at a glance

Positive effects for your event icon

Positive effects for your event

  • Support before, during and after the event
  • Get Feedback
  • Direct and easy transfer of information
Positive effects for your visitors icon

Positive effects for your visitors

  • Live updates on the event
  • Give feedback
  • Possibility of Self Checkout

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