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With Kortpress we offer you individual solutions tailored to use cases in the entire wallet marketing area. Whether entrance controls, digital flyers, digital customer cards or digital vouchers. We can do them all! Take advantage of the reach you have been missing by not using Mobile Wallet Passes.

Individual use cases


Digital wallet coupons offer a completely new way of interaction between your customers and you! Learn more about digital coupons...

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Event Tickets

Printed tickets were yesterday! In the future, guests will come to your events and meetings with their individualized tickets. With dynamic real-time updates, digital event tickets remind you of the date, last-minute changes or relevant advance information. Learn more about the use of event tickets...

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Digital Customer Card

The digital customer card has a number of advantages over its analog counterpart. For example, the cardholder is informed via a push notification about customized offers or a change to his or her customer account. Learn more about digital customer cards...

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Digital Membership Card

Clubs usually certify their members' membership by means of a personalized membership card made of paper or plastic. A digital membership card can be stored as a wallet pass in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet and thus offers completely new possibilities for interaction. Learn more about digital membership cards...

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Digital Vaccination Card

The current COVID-19 pandemic continues to heavily affect people's lives. A step towards normality will occur with the Corona vaccinations. How mobile wallets can support the vaccination campaign and the role of digitalization, information delivery and up-to-date information...

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Kortpress Cloud

Individual design thanks to Kortpress

With Kortpress you can individualize the appearance of your passes. Logos, background and text colors or the content of your cards can be customized at any time and changes can be played out in real time - even if the cards have already been installed and are in your customers' wallet.

With our easy to use API, we offer you an easy integration into your existing IT structure, because Kortpress speaks the language of the developers.

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Benefits at a glance

Benefits of Kortpress for companies

Positive effects for your company

  • Increase the ecological footprint
  • Planned distribution of offers and actions
  • Direct feedback from customers on current campaigns
  • Reaching individual customers
Benefits of Kortpress for customers

Positive effects for your customers

  • The customer card is always with you!
  • Receive individual offers and promotions
  • Don't give away any points
  • Real-time updates of the customer card

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