Passes and Cards for Apple Wallet & Google Pay.

Mobile Wallet Marketing

Here come Passes & Cards for the Wallet! The wallet is bursting at the seams: Tickets, coupons, customer cards ... all too often what you are looking for is not at hand. That's why all these cards and passes now belong in your smartphone. Because that is always there! Without your own app, just in the Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

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Mobile wallet marketing

Mobile wallet marketingopens up far-reaching customer loyalty opportunities for marketers and creates a fully digital experience for consumers. Mobile wallet marketing offers a modern approach to existing customer loyalty programs by providing more opportunities for customer retention with relevant and personalized content (e.g., vouchers, promotional offers, etc.). In addition, mobile wallet marketing can use time- and geo-based incentives to encourage customers to buy. Combining online and offline customer journeys and creating action points with the user can significantly improve conversions and in-store visits. The Mobile Wallet forms the basis for a strong one-to-one relationship between brand and consumer. In 2019, around 2 billion users of digital wallets were counted. According to forecasts, these user numbers will double to 4 billion worldwide by 2024. An ongoing communication opportunity via mobile wallet marketing is therefore an enormous opportunity for companies and brands.

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Target your customers directly!

Push Notifications | Location Based

You can address your target group directly using the card or pass in the wallet and notify them of a new campaign with short push notifications. Or, even better, you can use location-based services and make your customers a particularly great offer when they walk past your store: individually segmentable and absolutely targeted.

Wallet Push Notification

This is how you score points with your customers

Live Update | Status change

Until now, if you lost or changed a card, you had to create a new one exhibit. You couldn't see your points account or status on the card itself. This is now much more efficient - and more convenient: You can issue all cards and passes as easily as never before keep up-to-date. Points accounts are updated in real time, or a pass is issued when it reaches of the next status level simply an upgrade. And above all: This good news always lands directly on the screen of the customer smartphone.

Pass Live Update


Apple Wallet & Google Pay

A Wallet App can be found on both iOS and Android devices. These digital Wallets can store means of payment such as credit cards or digital cards such as customer cards, admission tickets, boarding passes and coupons. Due to the large number of possible card types, the possible uses of the Wallet seem endless. For example, a digital customer card can be used to implement a digital customer loyalty program. The end customer can be notified via push notifications using the card stored in the Wallet and benefit from dynamic real-time updates of the customer account. The Wallet offers companies a high level of transparency about the behavior of their customers and the possibility to inform them about their individual offers


Behind a market-oriented management is the term marketing. The goal of marketing is to fulfill customer needs and the associated maintenance and development of profitable customer relationships. When marketing products or services, there are different orientations of the strategy, such as direct marketing, guerrilla marketing or ethnic marketing. Marketing is used for both economic and psychological goals. While economic goals focus on sales, turnover and market share, psychological goals are aimed at improving awareness, image and brand loyalty through marketing. By transmitting the company image, a permanent and above all interactive relationship with the target group is to be established. This happens again in the sense of an image improvement and a constant increase in sales. A well-engineered marketing plan is the basis of any consistent marketing strategy.