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Too much administrative paperwork, e-mails that never seem the reach everyone? As a rule, clubs use cumbersome channels to inform their members about upcoming events, information or news. How can it be ensured that the information, for example via social media platforms, really reaches the members? Digital membership cards help you reach your members reliably and in real-time and provide easy administrative features. And the best part: The cards are free for all non-commercial clubs!

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Why use a Digital Card?

With a digital membership card as a wallet card in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, you as a club can use push notifications to inform your members about current news and upcoming events.
Thanks to the transparent view in our Kortpress application you can see how many of your distributed membership cards are actively used and can thus guarantee that the information is available to your members on their mobile devices.

With digital membership cards, it is possible to ensure fast, simple and secure transmission of the current membership cards. Instead of sending new printed membership cards to your members every year, you can update the membership card already installed with your members in a few seconds. This saves the environment as well as your costs for printing and shipping!

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Easy communication

Spread information and news easily and reliably through push-notifications.

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Club experience

Your members always feel directly adressed and well informed.

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Fast updates

Once installed, the cards can be updated and changed in a matter of seconds.

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Free usage

The use of kortpress digital membership cards is free if you're a non-commercial club.

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transparent administration

You can see which cards are active and thus ensure that information reaches all members.

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Save time & money

Not having to print new cards every year saves time and money and is good for the environment.

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