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Here come Passes & Cards for the Wallet! The wallet is bursting at the seams: Tickets, coupons, customer cards ... all too often what you are looking for is not at hand. That's why all these cards and passes now belong in your smartphone. Because that is always there! Without your own app, just in the Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

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And most importantly, from now on you can easily get in touch with your target group via push notifications, promotions or offers. This is how customer loyalty works today. Create your own tickets, coupons and cards for the mobile wallet now, with the intuitive and easy to use software solution of Kortpress!

Social Club membership cards

A Social Club membership card is a document that certifies an individual's membership in a specific social club. Social clubs are organizations or associations that group together around common interests or activities, often creating a community of like-minded individuals. These cards serve as proof of identification and allow members to participate in the club's activities and events. The Social Club membership card typically contains information such as the member's name, a photo, the club logo or emblems, and optionally a membership number or expiration date. It may also display specific permissions or types of membership, depending on the club's rules and guidelines. The purpose of a Social Club membership card is to confirm membership and facilitate access to the club's facilities, events, or services. For the club itself, the membership card often serves as a tool for managing members and monitoring club activities.

Target your customers directly!

Push Notifications | Location Based

You can address your target group directly using the card or pass in the wallet and notify them of a new campaign with short push notifications. Or, even better, you can use location-based services and make your customers a particularly great offer when they walk past your store: individually segmentable and absolutely targeted.

Wallet Push Notification

This is how you score points with your customers

Live Update | Status change

Until now, if you lost or changed a card, you had to order or create a new one. You couldn't see your account points or status on the card itself. But now it has never been more efficient and convenient to keep all your cards and passes up-to-date. Account points are updated in real time, or a pass simply gets an upgrade when it reaches the next status level. And most importantly: This good news always lands directly on the screen of the customers' smartphone.

Pass Live Update

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At Kortpress you know exactly what you are paying for. With the cloud solution you benefit from transparent pricing with monthly billing. For the in-house solution there is a convenient and unlimited annual subscription.

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Monthly base price 0€* 0€* 54,00 €* 499,00 €* 1.249,00 €* 2.499,00 €*
Each additional pass (per month) - 0,07 €* 0,06 €* 0,05 €* 0,03 €* 0,02 €*
Included pass updates 20 None 2.000 20.000 100.000 200.000
Each additional pass update - 0,01 €* 0,01 €* 0,01 €* 0,01 €* 0,01 €*
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* all prices are exclusive of statutory value added tax

Free (10 Passes) Select
Monthly base price 0€*
Each additional pass (per month) -
Included pass updates 20
Each additional pass update -
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Flex Select
Monthly base price 0€*
Each additional pass (per month) 0,07 €*
Included pass updates None
Each additional pass update 0,01 €*
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1.000 Passes Select
Monthly base price 54,00 €*
Each additional pass (per month) 0,06 €*
Included pass updates 2.000
Each additional pass update 0,01 €*
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10.000 Passes Select
Monthly base price 499,00 €*
Each additional pass (per month) 0,05 €*
Included pass updates 20.000
Each additional pass update 0,01 €*
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50.000 Passes Select
Monthly base price 1.249,00 €*
Each additional pass (per month) 0,03 €*
Included pass updates 100.000
Each additional pass update 0,01 €*
100.000 Passes Select
Monthly base price 2.499,00 €*
Each additional pass (per month) 0,02 €*
Included pass updates 200.000
Each additional pass update 0,01 €*

* all prices are exclusive of statutory value added tax

Social Club

A Social Club is an organization or association that brings together individuals with common interests, hobbies, or goals. These clubs serve as platforms for social interactions, idea exchange, and participation in activities that align with the members' interests. Social clubs can cover a variety of topics, including sports, arts, culture, leisure activities, education, charity, and more. The purpose of a Social Club often revolves around creating a community of like-minded individuals who regularly gather to share common interests and spend time together. The activities of a Social Club can be diverse and may include club meetings, events, social projects, and more. Social Clubs are characterized by a sense of community, solidarity, mutual support, and appreciation, making them important in promoting social engagement, personal growth, and a sense of belonging.

Membership Card

A large number of companies issue membership cards to their customers and members in order to analyze their behavior or to influence it by means of incentives and to create customer or member profiles using the data collected. Membership cards pursue the same goals as other forms of customer cards, such as reward cards, points cards or advantage cards. Membership cards are considered to be an efficient instrument for promoting customer loyalty and identification of customers and members with the brand. By presenting a membership card, customers and members receive, for example, discounts and benefits or other advantages such as preferential admission or access to certain areas. In addition, membership cards can be issued in each case to indicate membership of a particular status, such as bronze, silver or gold. Card application forms typically include store agreements regarding customer privacy. The card issuer often uses aggregated data internally (and sometimes externally) as part of its market research. Membership cards are a standard marketing tool for brands and retailers and act as a link between retailers and customers.